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Founded in 2001, Nikibiki is a global leader in women's apparel manufacturing and wholesale distribution. We proudly present an eclectic collection of quality basics for everyday wear. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends and implementing suggestions made by our valued customers, we make sure to keep our collection at the forefront of women's fashion. Proudly manufactured in Los Angeles, California, our seamless line is a solid addition to both online and brick-and-mortar boutiques worldwide.


Why is NIKIBIKI seamless different from other seamless brands? What's so special about it?
Here are the reasons why you need to choose our seamless.

Made in USA

At Nikibiki, we’re committed to providing excellent quality seamless wear for fans across the world. To ensure a high standard of quality, we have chosen to manufacture all of our seamless products in Los Angeles, California as opposed to importing them from other countries. Manufacturing domestically allows us to uphold and enforce our strict dedication to flawless seamless production. Proudly made in the US, we carefully scrutinize our manufacturing process regularly and only utilize the industry’s best practices. This is what sets us apart from the rest: Quality above all else. Our factory is also designed to reduce waste and improve quality, all while empowering our employees to be a part of the team.

Our Fabric

To say that our products are soft would be an understatement. Using refined production process, fine-tuned with over 15+ experience, we’ve figured out how to make seamless wear that is absolutely indescribable to touch. Our unbelievably soft, lightweight fabric is what distinguishes us from all of the other products on the market-our sensational texture is simply impossible to compete with. Just one touch will have customers hooked for life.

Quality Guarantee

We’re meticulous about the perfection of our products from start to finish. Before shipping, we hand check every piece of your order to prevent damaged pieces from being sent to you. With these strict protections in place, we confidently offer you a quality guarantee for all of your purchases you place with us, shipping included, for all manufacturing defects and damages.

Fine Color

Our Premium Nylon 6,6 yarn that we use has tighter molecular structure and is chemically engineered for superior performance, outstanding dyeability, and better stain resistance. It also provide better heat absorption, which allows the process of deep dyeing that results in crisper, more vivid colors compare to other type of yarns. Our ever-expanding color palette covers a spectrum of bold brights to subtle hues to meet your color needs.
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