Custom Order

  1. 1. Private Label

All Private Labels needs to meet a quantity of 50 pieces per style per color to be processed.

  1. Stamp Labels
  2. Stamp labels have a one-time charge of $100 for the creation of the stamp itself. Send us a picture of the label you want created in either .jpg or .pdf. Once created, we will send over a sample with the label for your viewing and after it has been deemed satisfactory we can move forward with your orders.
  3. Hang Tag Labels
  4. There is no charge for us to put on the hang tag labels as long as your company provides us with the sufficient quantity to have the order fulfilled (we recommend sending more than the order quantity if you know you’re going to be ordering the same styles again for storage).
  5. 2. Custom Color

Would you like for us to make a new custom color just for you? Welcome to the right place. Below is the instruction step by step on how to proceed with this.
All Custom Color orders must meet a minimum of 100 pieces per style per color.

  1. Send us a sample of clothing or a picture that has the exact shade of color you would like us to make and on which style you would like it on.
  2. Once the sample is made (within a 3 week time period), we will have the sample sent over for confirmation.
  3. After the sample and color has been confirmed, we can move forward with the order.
  4. 3. Custom Style

Do you see any of our items that you believe could be just right for your store with a little touch-up or love the feel of our fabric and want to create your own style? Don’t hold back and send us your suggestion for a current style or a design of clothing you would like us to try.

All custom styles must meet a minimum of 300 per style.
Contact us at: (323) 587-5205 or at for more info.

4. Private Label Tags

We also offer our services to put on price tag labels for you. There is a charge for $0.25 per piece. Just mail us the price tags and we will have it ready for you.