Custom Order

We are committed to fulfilling your needs for a fresh apparel line. We fully understand your needs for private label orders and are experienced at customizing designs and styles to meet your demands. The average lead time for custom orders is about 4-6 weeks and depends on quantity demanded. We confidently provide the following services from our Seamless Wear manufacturing line. If you have any questions regarding custom orders and private labeling, please contact our office by phone at (323)587-5205 or by email at

Private Label

We require a minimum order of 50 pieces per style per color for Private Label orders to be processed. For stamp labels, we request that you email us a picture in .jpg or .pdf and we will produce samples with your label to ensure your approval. If it is to your liking, we will move forward with your orders to ensure satisfaction. This entire process incurs a one-time charge of only $100. We charge .30 cents per piece for any sewn labels as additional labor cost.

Custom Color

We require a minimum order of 50 pieces per existing style per color for custom color orders (we may require higher minimum quantity per color for custom styles require custom dying). For custom color orders, please email us a specification of the exact shade of color and design style you would like us to produce it on. We will then create a sample piece (typically three weeks) for your approval, and only then will we move forward with the rest of your order in order to ensure satisfaction.

Custom Style

Do you want to add your own touch or style to any of our existing styles? Don't hold back and feel free to send us your suggestions for any current styles and designs. We're extremely open and receptive to customers' suggestions for new product designs. Our design team loves to produce content to fit the needs of our customers, and we hope that our newest products continue to reflect this. Have a unique idea that you want made, no matter what? We will honor any request for custom styles provided they meet the minimum order amount of 500 per style. Please contact us at (323) 587-5205 for more information.

Price Tags

Finally, we service many of our customers by attaching custom price tag labels for you. For this service, we charge 50 cents per piece and request that you mail us the price tags you want attached.
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