Seamless technology is an innovative concept in producing clothing free of seams. Our in-house manufacturing facility has over 70 Santoni SM-TOP2S knitting machines that is capable of producing up to 32,000 high quality pieces daily. Through the use of circular looms, we are able to produce our garments in a unique and continuous process. This cutting-edge technology has transformed the production cycle to be more efficient and it minimizes risk of defects and damages. It also lightens the yarn that results in more flexible pieces.

Made in USA

All production begins at our factory in Los Angeles from the machines doing the weaving down to the yarn getting woven. Each piece is knitted using our machines with meticulous precision and supervision. Unlike in conventional garment production where several processes require the division of the base cost, seamless requires just 1 base, the yarn. The quality of the yarn is extremely crucial in the seamless production, which is why we use the very best AA grade yarns made in USA. AA grade yarn creates an ultra-soft hand, a consistent matte finished surface and a highly durable knit fabric.

Premium Yarn

Once the piece is woven, it is taken to our dye house for a double-dye process that gives our products vibrant colors and the greatest color retention. We use type 6.6 Nylon for all of our garments due to its tight molecular structure that allows grater heat absorption, which allows the process of"deep dying". This type of yarn makes it possible for us to produce an array of highly saturated colors. Type 6.6 Nylon also plays an important part in the softness of our garments.

Thoughtfully Designed

Our seamless wears provide better fit and support thanks to the unique structure and construction of the garments. They hug your body perfectly without gaps or spaces between any sections of each item, which enhance your beautiful silhouette even more.

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