Frequently Asked Questions
  • +Registration

    • +How do I make an account?
    • It's quick and easy to make an account with us at our website by clicking on "Join Us" which is located on the top right menu. Please fill out the Registration Form and submit all of your information. Your seller's permit I.D or business tax I.D is required for the online application. In order to be approved, we will need a copy of your Seller's Permit or Business License and a copy of your Tax ID Number.

      You can send us these documents through E-mail info@nikibiki.com or Fax (323) 587-5099. We will then verify your information and give full access to your account so you can view prices and make purchases. This process may take up to 3 business days. If you do not receive an email regarding your application within those 3 business days, please contact us at Tel (323) 587-5205 or email us at info@nikibiki.com and a representative will be in contact with you shortly.
    • +I am an international retailer, how do I make an account?
    • You can make an account with us at our website by clicking on "Join Us" which is located on the top right side menu. Fill out Registration Form and submit the requested information.

      For our international customer we will need some additional documents before we can approve the application. It's very hard to pull any business record when the customer is outside of the U.S. Please send us a copy of your Identification, a front & back copy of your credit card, and a copy of your Business License/Tax ID Number by Fax (323) 587-5099 or E-mail info@nikibiki.com.It is very important for us to receive these documents as soon as possible. This will help make the approval process a lot faster for us.
    • +Why can't I see any prices?
    • If you are not able to see the prices it's because you are not a member with us yet or you signed-up but your application has not been approved yet. The application goes through a process of verification. This may take up to 3 business days. As a wholesaler company we are required by law to only conduct businesses with retailers or wholesalers.
      If you do not receive an email regarding your application within those 3 business days, please contact us at Tel (323) 587-5205 or email us at info@nikibiki.com and a representative will be contacted with you shortly.
    • +How do I retrieve my lost Email/Password?
    • If you do not remember which email address you've sign-up with, please give us a call at Tel (323) 587-5205, and we will provide you with this information.

      If you forgot your password, please click on "Forgotten Password" below the Login Box located on the left side of our main page. Input the email address you used to sign-up with us, and your password will automatically be sent to your email. You will be to change your password again once you log in into your account.
    • +I don't have a business, or a store, or an online shopping site. Can I still purchase your products?
    • We can only sell our products to those who own a retail shop or wholesale business.
    • +How do I edit my account information?
    • You can always change your information, including your password, by clicking on "My Account" which is located on the top right side menu.
    • +How can I get a copy of my receipt/invoice?
    • Once you check out your order from our website, our system will automatically send you an email confirmation with your invoice and order status. If you did not receive this email, please let us know and we will e-mail you a new invoice. You can also find your order information on your "order history".
  • +Billing

    • +What payment options are available?
    • We only accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) at the time of purchase. We do not accept money orders, company checks, COD's, or any other form of payment at this time.
    • +When will my credit card be charged?
    • If your credit card is authorized, the payment will be process immediately once you check out. You will receive an e-mail with the order number confirming it has been successful. Please note that once your payment has been process, depending on the bank, the transaction may show on your statement within 2~3 business days.
    • +Why am I getting a "Declined" message when trying to process my credit card?
    • When inputting your credit card number, please make sure there are no dashes, spaces, etc. Only input numbers. Make sure your "Billing Address" is the same address for your credit card statements. Please make sure to have sufficient funds available in your credit card account. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact us at Tel (323) 587-5205 and a representative will be happy to assist you.
    • +Why am I getting an "Error, Duplicate Order-Fraud" message when I am trying to process an order with my credit card?
    • This happens when you try to submit your order multiple times with the same card without succeeding, causing a fraud alert. Please wait about 15 minutes and try again. If it still does not go through, we advise you to try with another credit card or contact your bank with this issue. Please keep in mind if you see this message, it means that your order did not go through. And your credit card was not double charged.
  • +Sizes/Styles

    • +Why don't you carry any sizes for your Seamless products?
    • All of our Seamless Wear are One-Size-Fits-Most. This is possible due to the material we use for our seamless products. They are a high Nylon quality and extremely stretchy to fit from skinny to more-to-love. We also carry Plus Sizes for certain items that have a wider fit.
    • +How often do you get new styles?
    • We usually get new dresses every end of the week. It's not always on time since we do not have control of the shipping companies. But we do try our best to bring new models as soon as possible. You can always contact us to find out about a style you wish to purchase.
    • + How can I find a specific product that I'm looking for?
    • You can find your product by (1) clicking on the left side menu where all of our product categories are. (2) If you know your style number, you can always use our search engine which is located on the top right corner of the page. If the product that you are looking for is not on our website, it usually means that it's in the process of being produced or that it was discontinued. To be sure, (3) please check with our sales department.
  • +Orders

    • + How can I check my order?
    • You can always check your recent order by going to "My account" or if you want to review an old order, you can also click on [View Order History].If you think there is an order missing or you can't find the one that you're looking, please let us know as soon as possible.
    • + Is there a minimum amount to place an order?
    • Yes, we require a minimum of $100 per order and 5 pieces per color.
    • +Do you have to order all sizes/colors for your import items such as Tops, Dresses, Outerwear, and Bottoms?
    • All of our import items come pre-packed. Therefore, you must order all sizes and colors shown. For example, if it says: [2/2/2 Red, Black]. This order would include 2 smalls, 2 mediums, and 2 larges in Red and Black, giving you a total of 12 units ( 6 of each color). There are certain styles that have the option to choose the colors that you want. And most of our " Sale" products allow you to select the colors separately.
    • + How do I find out if you carry other colors for a certain product, and how do I order them?
    • If you click on "SEAMLESS WEAR," located on the left side menu, you will see our complete color chart for our Seamless products. Not all seamless wear are produced in all the colors from the color chart. Our NS4011 Long Camisoles are probably the ones that have the most color variety. But just because it's not there it doesn't mean we can't make it.

      You can always make a special request for your seamless wear to be made with the color that you want as long as you keep a minimum of 50 pieces per color. Just leave us a comment on the instruction box located at the bottom of the page before you check out or you can always contact one of our representatives and they'll be happy to help you. Our e-mail address is also a best way to communicate your request info@nikibiki.com
    • + Can I add my own labels to your products, or not have them attached at all?
    • We do offer private label, no label, or only care label only to our loyal customers but there is a minimum for these types of request. The order must be 50 pieces or more for each color. And it might take up to 14 business days or less
    • + Can I modify or cancel my order?
    • You can always call our customer service center to check if you could make any additions to your order or cancellations. If you order has already been shipped, then we may not cancel the order or add additional items.
  • +Shipping/Returns

  • +Nikibiki Member's Special Discounts

    • +Do you offer any discount/specials for your members?
    • We also offer FREE GROUND SHIPPING for orders that are over $500!
      (US Domestic only, except Puerto Rico and Hawaii, for a limited time only)
      You will have the option to click on Free Shipping when checking out if your order is $500 or more.

      Please see Reward Points Program for information.

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